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2013/11/20 05:45:03
My mom was there, but I felt almost like she was my doula (she s the mehotr of 6, and a surgeon, and not someone who s afraid to push back against medical professionals.) I was unsure before I went into labor how it would go, if I would want her to leave, but it was great having her there. On the other hand, my sister came to the hospital, and asked the nurse if she could come in, and I wouldn t have she heard me shout NO! from the waiting room.All things considered, there was a bit of a crowd in the room (me, husband, mom midwife, nurse, and a med student yes I OK ed her) but it was a natural delivery, and for so much of it, I wasn t really possible to focus on anyone besides my husband. I m actually kind of glad they were there, though, because I wanted things like a drink, or a blanket, but the last thing I would have wanted was my husband leaving me alone to go fetch a ginger ale!
2016/05/25 02:17:37
Which came first, the problem or the sointlou? Luckily it doesn't matter.

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